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Badlands Security Group

James Langler
Post Office Box 820
Sidney, MT 59270
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Phone Number (406) 480-1794
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Product Description

Badlands Security Group provides professional security services for the energy industry and critical infrastructure projects such as oil and gas, railway, construction sites, and landowner disputes, including asset protection, workplace safety monitoring, and compliance reporting.

Badlands Security Group is dedicated to protecting your interests at worksites and responding to the varied needs of oil and gas, railway, and construction companies, providing security, safety awareness, and compliance monitoring.

We bring decades of experience protecting assets, reporting on safety and compliance issues, and providing on-site training to raise safety and security awareness.

We work with businesses to achieve measurable results in meeting asset protection and incident avoidance goals to reduce risk, downtime, and loss of assets. Closely monitoring facilities reduces the risk of operational delays, equipment thefts, and vandalism.

Badlands Security Group has proudly provided asset protection and safety services to some of the nation’s largest energy providers and infrastructure projects. We are a proud member of ISNetworld.

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