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Metcalf Archaeological Consultants, Inc.

Metcalf Archaeology
Post Office Box 2154
Bismarck, ND 58502
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Phone Number (701) 258-1215
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Fax (701) 258-7156
Product Description

Metcalf Archaeological Consultants, Inc. is a full service, 100% employee-owned cultural resource management firm. Our business model unites industry, government, and tribal agencies and the public in ways that derive better value and generate positive outcomes for every stakeholder. We provide Section 106, FERC and NEPA compliance strategies, including all forms of research and field work necessary for cultural compliance. Our areas of expertise include archaeology, geoarchaeology, architectural history, consultation facilitation, community outreach, and education, and GIS services.

Throughout your project’s lifecycle, we develop and implement compliance strategies that align with the critical path in order to meet your deadlines. We take great pride in our longstanding relationships with government and tribal agencies and our reputation for providing responsive and efficient service to enhance outcomes for our upstream, midstream, and downstream clients. Working with our team ensures exceptional project outcomes beyond compliance, enhances your brand and empowers stakeholders.

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